Sunday, 8 December 2013

Tissue Box

Although I used up all my old stash I did have an initial layout of 50p.  I bought a square tissue box full of tissues from {in my case Morrisons} a supermarket and then covered in 12x12 papers.  This took some doing as I had to use PVA and it meant waiting for one side to dry before folding the paper around to do the other side.  I recommend having a second project on the go as well as this one. 

When doing the top of the box make sure you remove the cardboard where you pull the tissues out {just doing break the clear plastic underneath} and use it to draw around and cut it out so your top piece of paper has a hole to remove the tissues from.  Repeat the process of gluing one side at a time.  Once I had both papers on I added a ribbon border so you couldn’t see where the papers overlapped and then just because I had some candi going unused I added those to the box too.   

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