Tuesday, 5 November 2013

phone note block

I am terrible at remembering who phoned and when I just get distracted by other things as I’m sure others do.  

It’s also important with some calls to jot down facts, times, places who you’re speaking with etc so these little noteblocks come in useful.  

I’ve bought mine {a long time ago and I believe it was from cuddly buddly but I can’t be certain} and decorated it by sticking coordinating scraps of papers on it.  I’ve used double sided tape but you can use pva etc. 

If you so wish you can add a stamped or any cut out image to the top of the box.


  1. I so need one of those Sall! my house is covered in post-it notes and scraps of paper where I jot things down...only problem is I then lose them and find them months later with no idea what the note was about LOL

  2. A fab idea and beautifully decorated.


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