Sunday, 17 November 2013

Pencil Pot

A pencil pot is a fantastic way to personalise someone’s office or craft space.  Simply save a jar or cardboard pot, I’ve used an old gravy granules pot. 

I’ve used double sided tape as mine is a cardboard pot but pva or glue gun glue works perfectly well on glass jars which make equally good pencil pots and could be decorated using alcohol inks.  Once you’ve taped your pot simply roll the paper around it.  

I was left with a gap so had to measure up a piece to fit the gap but if you had a big enough piece of paper you could pre-cut it to size before gluing it in place.  Once my paper was attached I glued a ribbon around the top edge and my pot is finished and ready for use. 

I like the simplicity of mine, but you can add images or other textures to the pot if you wish.  I haven’t decorated the inside but there is no reason why you couldn’t if you wanted to. 


  1. Fab Idea Sall, I love anything that has been recycled xx

  2. Pencil pots are always needed, so it's great to recycle to make them like this lovely one you're showing here.


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