Sunday, 24 November 2013

Name, initials, xmas words decorartion

I love seeing personalised things around the home and decorating letters for someone in either their name or initials is a wonderful gift.  I’ve done a name “SALL” {yes my own} but only because I couldn’t purchase enough letters for HO HO HO {the local craft store only sells one of each letter and when it’s gone it’s gone till all letters are gone but I did manage to grab a second “L” at a different store, still no O’s though…my quest for HO HO HO continues}.  

It doesn’t matter what you write but remember unless you have an enormous space having all the letters for Merry Christmas or Seasons Greetings can be costly and will take up a fair amount of room, so you may wish to use smaller letters or shorter words such as “Xmas”, “Santa”, “Noel”, “Joy”, “Peace” etc. 

There are many ways for you to decorate letters from paint, distress inks, paper, stamping etc through to one my favourite new techniques…decoupatch. I tore up lots of pieces of the same sheet of decoupatch papers, but you can use paper napkins or tissue paper as a cheaper substitute.  

Then using a mix of pva and water {50/50} I simply glued the papers all over the letters until they were completely covered.  I admit I didn’t decorate the back but you can if you want to.  I’ve used a pokey tool to make holes in the back of the “L’s” for hanging them on the wall, but you could stand them up if you didn’t want to make the holes yourself, or to prevent wall damage when removing Christmas related words.

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Pencil Pot

A pencil pot is a fantastic way to personalise someone’s office or craft space.  Simply save a jar or cardboard pot, I’ve used an old gravy granules pot. 

I’ve used double sided tape as mine is a cardboard pot but pva or glue gun glue works perfectly well on glass jars which make equally good pencil pots and could be decorated using alcohol inks.  Once you’ve taped your pot simply roll the paper around it.  

I was left with a gap so had to measure up a piece to fit the gap but if you had a big enough piece of paper you could pre-cut it to size before gluing it in place.  Once my paper was attached I glued a ribbon around the top edge and my pot is finished and ready for use. 

I like the simplicity of mine, but you can add images or other textures to the pot if you wish.  I haven’t decorated the inside but there is no reason why you couldn’t if you wanted to. 

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Decoupage cards

Decoupage is something I haven’t seen in a long time so maybe it’s time for a revival.  You can buy kits {I know papermania do some} or you can like me make your own.  

I’ve stamped an image multiple times and coloured it, the first one I’ve cut as normal then I’ve cut smaller parts from each image, the snowmans scarf and hat for example and have slowly layered them using a silicon glue so that they are raised.  

This can be done with most stamped images, providing that you have the different parts that can be raised to give a 3d affect.  Once you have decoupaged your stamped image or prebought image you can create your card in the same way you would any other card.  

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

phone note block

I am terrible at remembering who phoned and when I just get distracted by other things as I’m sure others do.  

It’s also important with some calls to jot down facts, times, places who you’re speaking with etc so these little noteblocks come in useful.  

I’ve bought mine {a long time ago and I believe it was from cuddly buddly but I can’t be certain} and decorated it by sticking coordinating scraps of papers on it.  I’ve used double sided tape but you can use pva etc. 

If you so wish you can add a stamped or any cut out image to the top of the box.