Sunday, 6 October 2013


Calendars are found throughout many homes and are very useful.  These are simple and fun to make.  I downloaded the calendar boxes from downloadable calendars and opened them in word, this allowed me to alter shape size and orientation. 

  I didn’t want the calendars to be too big so opted for the whole thing to fit on one piece of card.  I’ve stamped onto vellum for this as it provides a gentler image.  To stamp on vellum you need a fast drying ink and one that won’t bleed when colouring, I recommend a stazon ink.  

Stamp your image and cut around it or leave a circle/square as I have done.  Then colour it.  I’ve chosen pencil crayons as again I feel it helps to add to the gentle look.  To bind the calendars I’ve used kebab sticks.  Punch holes in the tops of all the calendars and thread a ribbon through each side and tie in a small knot to form two individual loops.  

Next tie a very large loop onto a kebab stick this will be where your calendar hangs on the wall.  Push the kebab stick through the two ribbon loops and you’re finished the calendar is ready to hang.  

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  1. Lovely calenders. I like your choice of images - they don't appear to specific to females so could be given to men as well.
    From the SDD FB Group Blog Ladder


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