Sunday, 27 October 2013

Fridge Notes

Lots of people stick notes to the fridge to remind them or others of things but these simple notes are for those things you need to write down and take with you.  To make them you simply need card, glue stamp image of your choice, colouring medium and magnetic tape.  I’ve also used ribbon but again I was using up my scraps so its not essential.

Make a rectangular shape of card, with a little excess of around 2 inches on the top.  Now make sure you have a half inch rectangle on each side the same height as the piece of card you are going to fold over to make the pocket.  Cut out the shape and fold the card over, so it overlaps slightly but still has about 2 inches above on the rear piece.  Now fold the two small rectangles behind the rear piece to and glue securely in place.  The basic pocket has been made.

Now it is time to decorate simply add papers, coloured stamped images and ribbons or buttons to your heart’s content but always leave space to pop the papers in that you are going to write on.  Now it’s time to make them stick to the fridge.  Docrafts sell a magnetic tape and this is what I have used.  I had trouble keeping it stuck to my card so I recommend using superglue.  {£2 in the supermarket}.  Cut small squares of tape and peel off the backing just as you would double sided tape and being very careful superglue them to the back of your pockets.  Whilst this dries you can experiment with paper size.  Try different sizes until you find the size you are happy with and then cut one or two A4 copier sheets to that size and place them in your fridge notelet holders. 

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Napkin rings

These are the simplest of all Christmas Decorations to make and the most cost effective.  You can buy wooden rings for altering at around the £2 each mark but unless you want to keep them forever you can easily use toilet rolls like I have.  If you’re worried about hygiene use kitchen roll and cut to size or unravel them before placing them in the bathroom {yes that’s me ahem} and use the tubes that way.

Cut the toilet rolls in half and cut a sheet of paper {I used a 12x12} slightly wider than the toilet roll into a 12inch long strip.  Now slowly using either pva or glue gun glue, glue the paper around the toilet roll, you may need to peg it in place until the glue sets.  Repeat this for however many you require. 

Once the glue has dried you can trim off the excess.  Now you’re ready to decorate.  I’ve chosen a plain ribbon because I know some of my guests have dexterity issues and wont be able to manage with anything too fiddly.  I adhered my ribbon around the middle of my napkin ring keeping it flat but you could tie a bow or even add a stamped image etc to the top side of your napkin ring.  Personally I like the idea of adding a fancy border either side, this could be simply done using a die cut border.  Again the way in which you decorate is only limited to your imagination and resources.

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Bucket list of books

This is perfect for any reader.  I’ve made from card a simple book and sewn it together down the middle.  

Next I’ve covered the pages with papers and using the bookatrix I’ve embossed and cut out little ‘books’.  You don’t really need a bookatrix score board you could easily do this free hand but I have one so used it.  

I wrote the author and title of any really good books I’d like to share with people on the mini books and adhered them to the pages. I tried to make sure my bucket list included books from lots of different authors and genres to not only encourage wide reading but also to hopefully find one that the recipient had already heard of or read to make it less daunting.  

Whilst this is a good present I do suggest including a book from the list or a book shop voucher to aid the recipient in reading the books.

Sunday, 6 October 2013


Calendars are found throughout many homes and are very useful.  These are simple and fun to make.  I downloaded the calendar boxes from downloadable calendars and opened them in word, this allowed me to alter shape size and orientation. 

  I didn’t want the calendars to be too big so opted for the whole thing to fit on one piece of card.  I’ve stamped onto vellum for this as it provides a gentler image.  To stamp on vellum you need a fast drying ink and one that won’t bleed when colouring, I recommend a stazon ink.  

Stamp your image and cut around it or leave a circle/square as I have done.  Then colour it.  I’ve chosen pencil crayons as again I feel it helps to add to the gentle look.  To bind the calendars I’ve used kebab sticks.  Punch holes in the tops of all the calendars and thread a ribbon through each side and tie in a small knot to form two individual loops.  

Next tie a very large loop onto a kebab stick this will be where your calendar hangs on the wall.  Push the kebab stick through the two ribbon loops and you’re finished the calendar is ready to hang.