Sunday, 8 September 2013

Shopping list books

These are so handy that I’m not overly sure I will give them away, I may keep them for myself.  They are so simple to make anyone can do it.  All you need to make them are: Copier paper {the cheapest you can buy is fine} Card, stamp of your choice, colouring medium, hole punch and ribbon.

Choose the shape and size you want and cut all your papers and two pieces of card to that size.  Next I recommend punching the holes so that they don’t interfere with your stamped image.  Make sure you use the first sheet you hole punch as a guide for them all so they line up.  Now stamp your image either directly onto the cover or on another sheet.  Colour and if using a separate sheet then cut and adhere the image to the cover. Make sure you place the card as the back of the book as the last page and then cut a long piece of ribbon and thread it through the holes.  Tie in a loose bow and your present is complete.  You can use any method you want to secure the book but I like the idea of ribbon as it allows the recipient to add additional pages as they want.

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  1. What a wonderful idea,and so simple, yet elegant. I have most of these things on hand, and I don't craft. Thanks for the instructions! <3


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