Monday, 29 July 2013

Menu and Name place setting thingys

I don’t know why but I love making sure everyones sat next to someone they ‘like’ and everyone knows exactly what’s to eat at Christmas and New Year.  It does save lots of repeated conversations but also I’m usually busy cooking so it allows people to look for themselves without ‘bothering’ me.

For this project you will need:

A4 Card
Smaller pre-folded cards or a card you have made yourself
3x3 inch square cards, these can be made yourself or I bought mine £2.99 for 20 from Papermania
Double sided tape
Colouring medium

I chose to make an easel card with a card attached to it for the menus and that is where I shall start to explain.  Fold the A4 card in half and then one side in half again.  This will be the triangle of your easel.  If you want to you can at this point decorate the easel with papers and ribbons, I also used buttons to keep the easel stood up.

Next make the ‘menu’ card.  Take a card and decorate the front using coordinating papers and ribbons, and a stamped image.  Check this image won’t be too big for your name settings.  Stamp your image once for the menu card and then as many times as is needed for the name settings.  Colour the stamped image and cut it out.  Adhere it to the card you have just decorated then using double sided tape stick the card to the easel.

Now colour the rest of the images to match the one of the menu and cut out the remaining images and adhere them with matching ribbon to the name setting cards. 

I have repeated this process using a traditional Santa in the chimney for Christmas and a Poinsettia for New Year.  

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