Sunday, 14 July 2013

Door Hangers

Well we are half way through the year and already we have produced some good simple and most importantly cost effective presents.  This will continue through till Christmas week itself.  There are lots to look forward to and I’m fairly sure some gifts you just wont want to part with. However I am feeling a little intimidated by my own blog at the moment and slightly worried about letting people down especially Shelley whose so kind in helping me out and extremely talented.  However I shall persevere and hope that someone somewhere is enjoying this and if nothing else I have my Christmas gifts made.

Today’s post is about door hangers.  Remember those old door hangers that carried your name and hung on the outside of your door to tell everyone whose room it is? Well this post is all about them, of course these days you’re most likely to find them in the form of do not disturb signs on hotel room doors, well the films still have them even if real life doesn't. 
Although these are the perfect gift for any child and teenagers they are also perfect for adults too. 

I’ve created mine with crafters in mind and simply written the statement on letting everyone know that the occupant is crafting and not to disturb them.  I’ve also done one for an avid reader, letting everyone know that the person in the room is totally lost in their book and therefore won’t notice an entrant or anything spoken to them.

To make these I downloaded and resized a template from the web but it wouldn't be difficult to draw your own, I've also seen them for sale at around 50p each so they aren't expensive should you wish to buy them.  I then used pva glue to adhere my papers to just one side of the card.  You won’t be able to see both sides so there is very little point in decorating both sides unless you are so inclined.  

I then die cut a shape {but you could also cut a shape using scissors and inked it with distress inks.  I then hand wrote my text and adhered it to the door hanger.  Just to ‘finish’ them off I die cut a circle with a spiral and rolled it around my pricky tool and using pva glued it down for a rose.  I’m now aware that I needn't have bothered with the die, but at the time I wasn't aware it could be done my simple cutting a circle…so a nod to the wise, always check out how you can do things on the cheap before purchasing dies etc.  

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