Sunday, 9 June 2013

Fridge Magnets

This will make a simple yet effective fridge magnet.

For this project you will need:

  1. Magnets
  2. Glue gun glue or very strong adhesive
  3. Paper
  4. Cardboard or thick card cut into squares
  5. Card
  6. Ribbon
  7. Stamps
  8. Buttons
  9. Ink
  10. Double Sided Tape

I stamped my sentiments first and worked out if they would fit my cardboard squares. Then I covered the squares with paper. I put double sided tape around all of the inside of one side the square and then cut the square of paper slightly bigger.  I cut the corners off the papers and put tape along the edges then folded it over and stuck it to the back of the cardboard squares.

Once I had my papers on I glued my sentiments on to see what room I had left.  I then added ribbon and buttons to embellish the squares.  

To make the squares into fridge magnets I glued the magnet onto the back of the squares using a glue gun, please note that you may need more than one magnet if the embellishments are heavy.


  1. Brilliant idea and oh so pretty.. :)

  2. excellent idea!!! love it.


  3. lovely work hun and its given me an idea for little pressies . thanks for sharing. Hugs Tina xx

  4. They look great, with great sentiments on them. I love the bright colours. Fab idea.

  5. Great idea, very effective. Ax


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