Sunday, 23 June 2013

Food planner

I admit this sounds a little over zealous and more than over the top organised but it is also a way of handing down recipes that are part of your families Christmas traditions.

This project is all about the details so make sure you take your time and don't rush it.  I've chosen to hand write the recipes but you can type if you so wish.  I've used a combination of photos of things I've made a printed pictures from the internet when I've either not taken a photo or misplaced the digital copy.

Although I used chipboard covers they aren't necessary, they were however, in my stash from some previous buying session when I felt the need to buy them.  No doubt I purchased them because somebody told me it was yet another craft item I couldn't live without...I would at this point like to point out that most of the time that's simply not true and since doing this blog I have fallen in love with my crafting all over again.  I've found more pleasure in using off cuts of papers and the same stamp repeatedly then I have ever found in some of these so called "essential" items of crafting.

To make this you can simply fold a piece of paper over your chipboard cover and tape it down or alternatively if you're going to use a cereal box for a cover or a regular piece of card, stick your paper down as normal, using pva or tape. 

Measure and cut your pages to size, I counted how many pages I would need and pre-cut them all so I could work on each singularly or as a double depending how many pages my recipes would take.

I hand wrote the recipes, making sure all the minor details were included.  My tip for this would be to get somebody who doesn't cook very often to double check your recipe.  If it's something you bake a lot you're quite likely to miss a step or forget to add a minor detail because you know the recipe so well and will automatically see that step in your brain when reading through the recipe.

I chose to write on lined paper so I then cut it out and simply taped it onto my pages before adding a picture of the recipe.  My book includes recipes for Mincemeat, Coconut ice, Xmas Cake, Tunis Cake, Sausage Rolls, Xmas Pudding and not forgetting the roast dinner amongst other things.  

Finally to bind my book I've used a crop-o-dile to make two holes, but you can use a hole punch, in fact a hole punch would be not only cheaper but stronger and easier to use because it has a flat bottom.  Once I had the holes in the book I popped my jump rings through and closed them...Book complete.  My book rings stand out a bit and I did try to change the colour with alcohol inks but that proved unsuccessful, both with and without the solution the rings failed to dry after three days...if anyone knows how to make that work please let me know in the comment section.  THANK YOU.


  1. I love the idea and I love how you've decorated the outside. I know my mother has typed up some of her families recepies on her word processor and printed them out and put them into a display book that has plastic wallet inserts.

    If something fails to dry I tend to just put it on a radiator or use a heat gun on it. I have coloured in metal brads with ProMarkers and put them on the radiator to make sure that they were completely dry, and they are alcohol ink pens, but I've not tried actual bottled alcohol inks on anything metal.

  2. I tend to make the same foods over Xmas but that is usually the only time I make them, (left-over Turkey recipes for example), so this is a good idea in which to save them.....Mgt.x


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