Sunday, 30 June 2013

Birthday Card Sets

As these are to give away I wanted the cards to be suitable for both men and women.  I have tried to use bright colours and kept the designs simple {a must for me but you can make them as complicated as you like}.  To make this project you only need the basics, card blanks or plain card, paper scraps or freebie papers from magazines, a single stamp and colouring medium.  I've used inktense pencils which means I also needed a pen for handwriting any sentiments on the card.  I've chosen not to write sentiments on every card, one set will probably go to a family member and I know they are fussy about writing their own sentiments.

To make the card above I simply stamped my image four times and colour diagonal strips in various tones of blue and purple, because I used inktense pencils I then brushed over it with water but you need a fast drying permenant ink for stamping if using these pencils.  Whilst that was drying I taped my paper {a half sheet left from some long since forgotten project} to my card blank and made a ribbon of two layers of coordinating card to go across the middle.  For this card I wrote a sentiment on the ribbon of card.  Again this card was left over, a cut off from mounting a photo or as a backing sheet on a card.  Once the stamped image was dry I cut a basic square around it then matted it onto coordinating card, before mounting it a final time on another piece of coordinating card.  I then taped it the card itself...project finished.  

 To turn the cards into a 'set' I placed the envelopes at the back and crisscrossed ribbon before tying it in a bow around the front.  {Not a clear explanation but I'm hoping the above picture gives enough details as I'm unsure how to explain it}.  A simple cost effective present, that can be placed in a gift bag, box or just wrapped in gift wrap.

Here are some photos of other cards in the sets.

For this set I've used paper piecing {something I believe Shelley is going to teach you in a post later on} and I've also used up ribbon scraps that aren't long enough to do anything with.  Cut yourself a small shape and cover it with tape.  Slowly line your ribbon up so it touches tightly with each other in rows until you get to the end of your shape.  You can always trim any excess or rough edges if need be.  Then adhere to your card for a textual backing element to your card.

Sorry the photos are the right way up on my laptop but they have gone upside down on here, and I'm unsure how to fix it :/

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