Sunday, 30 June 2013

Birthday Card Sets

As these are to give away I wanted the cards to be suitable for both men and women.  I have tried to use bright colours and kept the designs simple {a must for me but you can make them as complicated as you like}.  To make this project you only need the basics, card blanks or plain card, paper scraps or freebie papers from magazines, a single stamp and colouring medium.  I've used inktense pencils which means I also needed a pen for handwriting any sentiments on the card.  I've chosen not to write sentiments on every card, one set will probably go to a family member and I know they are fussy about writing their own sentiments.

To make the card above I simply stamped my image four times and colour diagonal strips in various tones of blue and purple, because I used inktense pencils I then brushed over it with water but you need a fast drying permenant ink for stamping if using these pencils.  Whilst that was drying I taped my paper {a half sheet left from some long since forgotten project} to my card blank and made a ribbon of two layers of coordinating card to go across the middle.  For this card I wrote a sentiment on the ribbon of card.  Again this card was left over, a cut off from mounting a photo or as a backing sheet on a card.  Once the stamped image was dry I cut a basic square around it then matted it onto coordinating card, before mounting it a final time on another piece of coordinating card.  I then taped it the card itself...project finished.  

 To turn the cards into a 'set' I placed the envelopes at the back and crisscrossed ribbon before tying it in a bow around the front.  {Not a clear explanation but I'm hoping the above picture gives enough details as I'm unsure how to explain it}.  A simple cost effective present, that can be placed in a gift bag, box or just wrapped in gift wrap.

Here are some photos of other cards in the sets.

For this set I've used paper piecing {something I believe Shelley is going to teach you in a post later on} and I've also used up ribbon scraps that aren't long enough to do anything with.  Cut yourself a small shape and cover it with tape.  Slowly line your ribbon up so it touches tightly with each other in rows until you get to the end of your shape.  You can always trim any excess or rough edges if need be.  Then adhere to your card for a textual backing element to your card.

Sorry the photos are the right way up on my laptop but they have gone upside down on here, and I'm unsure how to fix it :/

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Food planner

I admit this sounds a little over zealous and more than over the top organised but it is also a way of handing down recipes that are part of your families Christmas traditions.

This project is all about the details so make sure you take your time and don't rush it.  I've chosen to hand write the recipes but you can type if you so wish.  I've used a combination of photos of things I've made a printed pictures from the internet when I've either not taken a photo or misplaced the digital copy.

Although I used chipboard covers they aren't necessary, they were however, in my stash from some previous buying session when I felt the need to buy them.  No doubt I purchased them because somebody told me it was yet another craft item I couldn't live without...I would at this point like to point out that most of the time that's simply not true and since doing this blog I have fallen in love with my crafting all over again.  I've found more pleasure in using off cuts of papers and the same stamp repeatedly then I have ever found in some of these so called "essential" items of crafting.

To make this you can simply fold a piece of paper over your chipboard cover and tape it down or alternatively if you're going to use a cereal box for a cover or a regular piece of card, stick your paper down as normal, using pva or tape. 

Measure and cut your pages to size, I counted how many pages I would need and pre-cut them all so I could work on each singularly or as a double depending how many pages my recipes would take.

I hand wrote the recipes, making sure all the minor details were included.  My tip for this would be to get somebody who doesn't cook very often to double check your recipe.  If it's something you bake a lot you're quite likely to miss a step or forget to add a minor detail because you know the recipe so well and will automatically see that step in your brain when reading through the recipe.

I chose to write on lined paper so I then cut it out and simply taped it onto my pages before adding a picture of the recipe.  My book includes recipes for Mincemeat, Coconut ice, Xmas Cake, Tunis Cake, Sausage Rolls, Xmas Pudding and not forgetting the roast dinner amongst other things.  

Finally to bind my book I've used a crop-o-dile to make two holes, but you can use a hole punch, in fact a hole punch would be not only cheaper but stronger and easier to use because it has a flat bottom.  Once I had the holes in the book I popped my jump rings through and closed them...Book complete.  My book rings stand out a bit and I did try to change the colour with alcohol inks but that proved unsuccessful, both with and without the solution the rings failed to dry after three days...if anyone knows how to make that work please let me know in the comment section.  THANK YOU.

Saturday, 15 June 2013

savings jar

This is a perfect present for anyone wanting to save for that something special.  I'd just like to say I personally wouldn't label the jar as savings nor would I have it in plain is pure temptation to anyone wanting some free cash otherwise.

To make this you will need:

  1. Jar or container with a lid
  2. Paper
  3. Glue gun and glue
  4. Ribbon

Measure by rolling the jar along the paper and marking the size you want then cut it down to size.  I recommend using a thick paper so it doesn't rip.

Glue top and bottom edge of the clean and very dry jar one side at a time, slowly rolling the paper around it one side at a time.  I've used a bisto jar so it is square with rounded corners...take your time and allow the glue to set in place as you go.

Take the lid and glue around the side...then wrap some ribbon around it.  Don't worry about cutting the ribbon to length, just let one side hang until the glue has set the trim it to size.  

My lid has a little dip in it so I cut a small piece of paper and ran my finger nail around the edge of the dip then cut the paper around where I had scored using my finger nail, you could use a ball tool or anything similar just make sure you don't pierce the paper.  Using your glue gun, glue inside the dip and quickly place the paper on it.

I've left mine blank having used patterned paper but if giving this to children I recommend die cutting their names and gluing on.  

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Fridge Magnets

This will make a simple yet effective fridge magnet.

For this project you will need:

  1. Magnets
  2. Glue gun glue or very strong adhesive
  3. Paper
  4. Cardboard or thick card cut into squares
  5. Card
  6. Ribbon
  7. Stamps
  8. Buttons
  9. Ink
  10. Double Sided Tape

I stamped my sentiments first and worked out if they would fit my cardboard squares. Then I covered the squares with paper. I put double sided tape around all of the inside of one side the square and then cut the square of paper slightly bigger.  I cut the corners off the papers and put tape along the edges then folded it over and stuck it to the back of the cardboard squares.

Once I had my papers on I glued my sentiments on to see what room I had left.  I then added ribbon and buttons to embellish the squares.  

To make the squares into fridge magnets I glued the magnet onto the back of the squares using a glue gun, please note that you may need more than one magnet if the embellishments are heavy.

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Sentiment Hanger

This is very simple, a quote on a decorated shape.

For this you will need:

  • Cereal box
  • Handmade or bought embellishments
  • Cardstock
  • I used a glue gun but you can use any strong glue
  • Double sided tape
  • Sentiment stamps
  • Ink
  • Scissors

It's not essential but I used a spellbinders die through my big shot but you can cut fee hand the shape you wish to use.  Cut your chosen shape from the cereal box, the backing paper if you are using it and or cardstock to stamp your sentiment on.  I used slightly smaller size for the sentiment but you don't have to.

 Using a very strong glue adhere the layers to the cereal box shape.  I suggest you stamp the sentiment first to ensure your cardstock is as flat as it can be to give the best stamped image.

Using a hole punch or a cropodile punch two holes in the top of the sentiment shape and thread ribbon through it, tying a knot each time so that the shape hangs, cut off any additional ribbon for a clean finish.

Finally you can add any embellishments.  I added some pre-bought flowers and popped some little gems in the center.