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Gift Boxes

Warning there are a lot of photos in this post so please be patient with them loading and when scrolling down the page thank you!

Gift boxes can be used as something pretty that can be reused to give your gift in or as a gift itself.  There are many different types that you can get.  I have altered paper mache ones but there is nothing to stop you altering a use box of any description.

There are different ways of decorating them and I intend to show you three different types in this post.

To alter these boxes you will need:

  • Acrylic paint
  • Petroleum Jelly
  • Kitchen roll
  • Die cut machine
  • Dies
  • Embellishments
  • Tissue Paper
  • Decoupatch papers or paper napkins
  • PVA glue
  • Water
  • Glue Gun with glue
  • Gesso
  • Paintbrush
  • Stamps
  • Stazon Ink
  • Wooden embellishments
To make a Decoupatch box:

If using a brown paper mache box cover the box in gesso and leave to dry, if using a white box start here: mix pva glue and water to an almost running consistancy.  Tear up your chosen sheets of decoupatch papers and apply a layer of glue and water to the the box.  There is no set point to start so just start sticking the decoupatch papers onto the box and paint over the top of the papers with the glue and water mix.  Continue until you have covered the entire box.  If you don't want the inside to look brown/white then decoupatch inside the box too.

NB: you may have to let some sides dry before you continue to prevent the box sticking to your work surface.

Here are some pics of a pencil box and large box I have decoupatched.

To make a simple painted box with die cut images:

Always use a layer of gesso if it's a brown box.  Then paint the box inside and out with the colour of your choice and wait to dry.  Meanwhile die cut the shapes of your choice, I used a swirl and either paint, colour or cut from the chosen colour card.  Using a pva glue adhere them to the box once the paint is dry.  I also used gems, these are difficult to stick especially if like me you used pearlescent paint so I recommend using a strong glue and the wonderful Shelley has told me about using glossy accents as a glue so try that if you have some if not glue gun glue or pva should work.  Complete the design all over the box until you are finished.

Here are a few pics of mine: 

To make a painted box:

If using a brown box cover in gesso and wait for that to dry.  Paint the first colour of paint all over your box and wait for it to dry.  Now using a cotton wool bud or your finger place petroleum jelly at various places on your box and paint over the entire box with your second choice of paint.  Then wipe away the top layer of paint once dry using kitchen roll, where the petroleum jelly is the paint will wipe away easy and you will see the first coat of paint.  This gives the box an 'older' look.  I then stamped using stazon ink onto tissue paper and cut out some sentiments and images gluing them at various places on the box using a pva and water mix.  For the top I used premade embellishments.  I painted the wooden smile in pearlescent acrylic paint and glued it on.  I used a glue gun glue for all the embellishments including the lac ribbon around the edge of the lid.  The limit to this box is your imagination and what you have to hand.  I lined my box with tissue paper, I had great difficulty doing this with a hole sheet so recommend you do it in a similar style to decoupatch {instructions above}.

Here are a few pics of my box:

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