Sunday, 31 March 2013

recycled card tags

Hi everyone It's Shell here...first up I'd like to wish everyone that celebrates it a happy Easter, there is no chocolate eggs in this post though it's all about Christmas :D

I am sharing with you the way I make my Christmas present tags every year. What you will need is some old Christmas cards, I always put all of mine in a box when I take them down from Christmas then I have them ready to make tags when ever I want. You will need a die cutting machine and some dies, or scissors, A hole punch and some ribbon or twine.

Once you have got everything you need pick a card to start with and decide how you want to cut it, some cards have easy images to cut out, others you might want to just cut out a random image either with scissors or with a die and a cutting machine.
Once you have your images you need to punch a hole in the top and attach the twine or ribbon.

When you have done that you will have a load of one of a kind gift tags.


  1. These are fabulous Shelley xx

  2. Perfect use of old Christmas cards.

    Joan x

  3. A great idea. I usually save some of my Xmas cards to re-make cards but never do. THIS I will us them for....Mgt.


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