Sunday, 17 March 2013

Reading Journals

These are 'useful' presents for those who read a lot.  It keeps track of how many books you have read but also what books you have read so you know if you have read a book or not.

To make these you require:

  • 14 sheets of card per journal
  • choice of stamps or printed images
  • Colouring medium
  • scissors
  • glue of choice
  • either ribbon or a BIA machine and wires
How to make the journals

  • Stamp and colour any images you require, you will require at least 13 images per book or print and cut out your chosen images
  • Cut around your stamped images 
  • Either hand write or stamp the month and "monthly total" "Yearly sub total" on 12 pages.  
  • The last page you can put "yearly total" on 
  • On the cover you will need "reading journal" and maybe the year.  
  • Glue the chosen images to their appropriate pages
  • Now either punch holes using a hole punch and thread ribbon through tying in a bow to fasten OR
  • Punch holes using your BIA machine, making sure you put each page in facing the same way
  • Thread the wires into the holes and make sure the pages are in the correct order
  • Squeeze the wires shut with the BIA and your project is complete!
Here's some pics of my Reading Journals that I will be gifting this Christmas.

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