Sunday, 10 March 2013

Jewllery Sets

Moving on from last weeks bracelets I am bringing you necklaces, earrings and hair clips.

I've just thick cord like material for the neclaces and prebought kirby grips, as well as jewellery fastenings all bought in packs from Docrafts.

It's very hard to explain how to make these things but I will try.  Everything I make is made me with jump rings and a docraft demonstrator taught me to use round nose and flat nose pliers to pull these apart and thread the 'bead' or 'charm' through them them twist them closed again.  I also used bead stoppers of little gold tubes and squeezed them shut to make sure the beads haven't moved around.  The earings are made in the same way.

For the kirby grips I used a pinflair type glue to glue the beads on to the kirby grips.

I feel bad about my inability to explain in detail how to make these so there will be two posts this week from me!

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