Sunday, 3 March 2013


Bracelets can be expensive especially Charm Bracelets and Shamballa Bracelets but this week I aim to show you how you can make 'replica' bracelets for under £10.

I bought two packs around £1.50-£3 in price of mixed charms from the docraft range, and the chain for my bracelet was £2.50 and a small packet of jump rings at £1, the jump rings were in the sale but at full price were only £2.99 and although this takes you over the £10 you won't be using all the jump rings for this project which brings the cost down.

I lined up the charms I wanted to use and then added my jump rings, this is the most difficult part and I fully admit it took me a while to do this.  Then I made sure the charms were lined up once again and attached the jump leads to the complete this project it took me a couple of hours, because I am a BASIC jewellery maker and still make mistakes.  Anyone with more experience of making such things could easily complete it in an hour.

Shamballa bracelets can cost around £30 and up, I've seen one at almost £80 which is a fortune given that mine cost me £8 to make.

I bought the bracelet for £3 and then spent £5 on Shamballa beads costing as little as 25pence upto £1.

This is a simple project and you really do not need any tools whatsoever, it is completed in less than ten minutes.

Simply unscrew one end the bracelet and thread the shamballa beads on in the order you want them, you can use a stopper bead at either the beads if you wish. I choose to and those are included in my £8 price.

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