Sunday, 31 March 2013

recycled card tags

Hi everyone It's Shell here...first up I'd like to wish everyone that celebrates it a happy Easter, there is no chocolate eggs in this post though it's all about Christmas :D

I am sharing with you the way I make my Christmas present tags every year. What you will need is some old Christmas cards, I always put all of mine in a box when I take them down from Christmas then I have them ready to make tags when ever I want. You will need a die cutting machine and some dies, or scissors, A hole punch and some ribbon or twine.

Once you have got everything you need pick a card to start with and decide how you want to cut it, some cards have easy images to cut out, others you might want to just cut out a random image either with scissors or with a die and a cutting machine.
Once you have your images you need to punch a hole in the top and attach the twine or ribbon.

When you have done that you will have a load of one of a kind gift tags.

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Altered photo frame

This is probably the cheapest thing I have made as a present to date:

Total cost of this one is £2

I bought the photo frame in cream before sanding it down so that the ink would adhere better.

I used memento and distress inks to stamp foliage on to all sides of the photo frame then using a penny black stamp I stamped the image of the elephant and coloured using promarkers but any colouring media is fine.

Cut the elephant out and using hot or cold melt glue adhere it to the frame. I chose to put it on one corner.

So that I didn't/don't send an empty frame I aged a piece of card cut to size for the frame with old paper distress ink and simple stamped a quote/sentiment in the center of the card.

Here's my finished frame.

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Reading Journals

These are 'useful' presents for those who read a lot.  It keeps track of how many books you have read but also what books you have read so you know if you have read a book or not.

To make these you require:

  • 14 sheets of card per journal
  • choice of stamps or printed images
  • Colouring medium
  • scissors
  • glue of choice
  • either ribbon or a BIA machine and wires
How to make the journals

  • Stamp and colour any images you require, you will require at least 13 images per book or print and cut out your chosen images
  • Cut around your stamped images 
  • Either hand write or stamp the month and "monthly total" "Yearly sub total" on 12 pages.  
  • The last page you can put "yearly total" on 
  • On the cover you will need "reading journal" and maybe the year.  
  • Glue the chosen images to their appropriate pages
  • Now either punch holes using a hole punch and thread ribbon through tying in a bow to fasten OR
  • Punch holes using your BIA machine, making sure you put each page in facing the same way
  • Thread the wires into the holes and make sure the pages are in the correct order
  • Squeeze the wires shut with the BIA and your project is complete!
Here's some pics of my Reading Journals that I will be gifting this Christmas.