Tuesday, 19 February 2013

IOU cards

It's not always easy knowing what to get for someone at Christmas, nor is it always affordable so these are great ideas for kids or for the person who has everything. 

I've stamped and coloured using promarkers a range of Penny Black stamps.  I've cut around the stamped image and using pre-bought card blanks I stuck on a variety of backing paper and added the stamped image.  

Then I either handwrote or used rub on letters for the "IOU".

Inside I used a coin to cut a semi circle, then using a spellbinders die I die cut the shape and wrote IOU the value of on it.  You can then draw a line and leave blank ready for when you know what you are going to owe the recipient.  

I have chosen to owe the recipient homemade goodies as I enjoy cooking but other 'owes' could include the following:

  • hoovering
  • cleaning the car
  • washing the car
  • ironing
  • cakes
  • biscuits
  • coridals
  • jam
  • chutney
  • taxi rides
  • a listening ear
  • washing up
  • coffee, cake and a natter
Here are the IOU cards I made:


  1. A great idea, especially for teens or older relatives. For teen, IOU a night out at the cinema, a race at the go-kart track etc. For older relatives all the things you mentioned or IOU's to undertake tasks like grocery shopping, cutting the grass, walking the dog, clearing snow from pathways and so on. The list of promises is endless.

  2. This is a great idea for the ids to do - to hlp teach the its not just about presents. Great cards and great idea!!!!


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