Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Gift accessories

Ok so 'accessories' is just another term for more gift bags!  However, before that I want to apologise I know this post is late and I had very nearly forgotten all about it I am SO SORRY.

Anyway this week I will be following on from Shelley's bags and doing some of my own, nothing anywhere near as good as last weeks though.

I bought some plain brown bags and have literally just stuck papers on them and then glued on either die cuts I made and coloured or used precut shapes to decorate.  I also added ribbon and buttons for a 'luxury' feel to the bags.  These buttons and ribbons are purely odd scraps I have left from other projects.  One bag has charms on, these can be expensive so think carefully about if you wish to use them on the bags.

There is if you're so inclined a bag that can be made from scratch.

I bought the template from Cut and Craft however, the one I used is no longer available as it came with a handbag template, however the link will take you to the 'giftbag' identical to the one I have used here.  Although I have used acetate for the sides, you don't have to, if you wish to keep the gift hidden then used card and decorate it.  This is a fantastic company and I urge that you support them and do not duplicate the templates for anyone else free of charge or for a charge.

This bag template came with the gift bag and I placed my gifts inside this bag in the gift bag.


  1. Hello you have been busy, lovely bags they look fabulous. Lisa :)

  2. Ohhh fabby ideas xx loving the pink handbag :)


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