Sunday, 24 February 2013


Hello, and welcome to another week at the Christmas Preparations blog.  I am afraid I have slipped a little this week and cannot bring myself to give this one away so it's on my kitchen wall, however it would make the most awesome present too.

Shelley very very kindly had a cyber craft session with me last week and offered to teach me some new techniques for which I am eternally grateful as I know how useful they will be.  However before I share with you all her amazingness when it comes to craft I do want to say a special thank you to Shelley because I'm deaf and although we skyped Shelley remembered that typing conversation is important so I can keep up and understand all that is going on, nobody has ever remembered or made that kind of effort with me before and it still makes me cry with happiness that someone is that thoughtful so THANK YOU Shelley.

Ok so although I've worked on canvas before I haven't really known what I was doing and would NEVER have managed to do anything like this.

For this project you will need:

  • Gesso
  • Acrylic paint
  • Canvas
  • Printed image
  • Printed text, making sure it's a mirror image and backwards.
  • Paintbrush
  • a small bottle to spray water from
Here's how to make your canvas

  1. Mix the gesso with the choice of colour paint you wish to use as your background and paint your canvas
  2. Leave this to dry, it may take a while so be patient, if you're using a heat gun be careful mine bubbled in places
  3. Print your image and text
  4. Cut your image and text out leaving as little 'white' as possible
  5. When dry sketch roughly around your picture on the canvas making sure you have it image facing down
  6. Paint inside the sketched area with white gesso and on the image {yes really paint over the image} and text with gesso
  7. Lay this on the canvas making sure there is no air bubbles and leave to dry overnight
  8. Spray the 'paper' where your text and image is with a little water and gently rub away the paper leaving your image and text visable.
  9. Your canvas is complete all that's left is for you to bear to part with it come Christmas.
Here's my Canvas

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

IOU cards

It's not always easy knowing what to get for someone at Christmas, nor is it always affordable so these are great ideas for kids or for the person who has everything. 

I've stamped and coloured using promarkers a range of Penny Black stamps.  I've cut around the stamped image and using pre-bought card blanks I stuck on a variety of backing paper and added the stamped image.  

Then I either handwrote or used rub on letters for the "IOU".

Inside I used a coin to cut a semi circle, then using a spellbinders die I die cut the shape and wrote IOU the value of on it.  You can then draw a line and leave blank ready for when you know what you are going to owe the recipient.  

I have chosen to owe the recipient homemade goodies as I enjoy cooking but other 'owes' could include the following:

  • hoovering
  • cleaning the car
  • washing the car
  • ironing
  • cakes
  • biscuits
  • coridals
  • jam
  • chutney
  • taxi rides
  • a listening ear
  • washing up
  • coffee, cake and a natter
Here are the IOU cards I made:

Monday, 18 February 2013

who'd like some goodies?

I have been slacking and haven't made a post so instead I am going to give some things away. It's not a massive amount but every little helps right?
Ok so what have we got?

Scalloped die cut circles

Hand made Christmas tags

K&Co chipboard tags

Memory box die cut trees

Brown paper bags for altering

3 sheets of kanban card stock, the 2 with images are double sided so you get a pick of images.

So what do you need to do if you want to win this little lot? Thats easy be a follower to this blog and leave us a comment below, of course if you'd like to share this with your friends too that would be great, but it's not a requirement. We will be picking a winner on 10th March.

Happy Crafting everyone!

Tuesday, 12 February 2013


Candles make excellent decorations and gifts...they are pretty and useful a double benefit.

Now these are fairly simple to make, although you could make the candles from scratch I picked up some ready made pillar candles for a £1 each in Sainsbury but you could shop elsewhere and find them for the same price or even cheaper.

Stamp your image using a stazon ink {this is essential or the ink will run} on to tissue paper and then colour, I used promarkers.

Cut loosely around the stamped image and hold against the candle then using your heat gun on either the lowest or it's only setting {depending on what heat gun you have} and gently melt the wax until it is liquid and covers the stamped image.  Leave to cool allowing the wax to reset and you're finished.

You can put as many or as few images as you wish on the candles.  

NB: you may find this tricky on old candles, the wax doesn't reset as easy.

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Gift accessories

Ok so 'accessories' is just another term for more gift bags!  However, before that I want to apologise I know this post is late and I had very nearly forgotten all about it I am SO SORRY.

Anyway this week I will be following on from Shelley's bags and doing some of my own, nothing anywhere near as good as last weeks though.

I bought some plain brown bags and have literally just stuck papers on them and then glued on either die cuts I made and coloured or used precut shapes to decorate.  I also added ribbon and buttons for a 'luxury' feel to the bags.  These buttons and ribbons are purely odd scraps I have left from other projects.  One bag has charms on, these can be expensive so think carefully about if you wish to use them on the bags.

There is if you're so inclined a bag that can be made from scratch.

I bought the template from Cut and Craft however, the one I used is no longer available as it came with a handbag template, however the link will take you to the 'giftbag' identical to the one I have used here.  Although I have used acetate for the sides, you don't have to, if you wish to keep the gift hidden then used card and decorate it.  This is a fantastic company and I urge that you support them and do not duplicate the templates for anyone else free of charge or for a charge.

This bag template came with the gift bag and I placed my gifts inside this bag in the gift bag.