Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Beaded Decorations

These can be used to decorate your own tree or are excellent presents for people who are having their first independent Christmas, or just for those who love Christmas and decorations.

It is possible to make these without instructions as they are fairly easy, however I bought kits and made them with instructions.  I cannot remember where I got them but Create and Craft have them on their website and were shown on tv just before last Christmas...I am hoping to get some more this year as they are very relaxing to make, curled in a chair watching tv and they look stunning on any Christmas tree.

Here are some pics of kits I have made:


  1. These are all wonderful Sall...they would go down a storm on a craft stall as little knicky knack gifts. Hugs, Suzanne

  2. Love the beaded snowflakes - I can just see them hanging from a Silver tree....Mgt.x


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