Saturday, 12 January 2013

Alternative Advent Calendar

This Advent calander is great if you have somewhere to hang it.

To make it I started by making 24 little bags with paper and double sided tape, there are loads of templates online if you don't want to try and do it free hand. Once they were made I picked my images, for this one I went with grumpies from smeared ink but you can use any stamps or images for yours. I printed out the digi stamps then used a circle die to cut them all out. Once they were all cut I coloured them and added a little bit of bling.

When all of the bags are finished you can add some sweets, chocolates or any other treats you wish then use little pegs to attach them to string or ribbon and hanng them up.


  1. What a brilliant idea, you've done a fabulous job, and it's something different, well done


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