Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Welcome to Christmas 2013 and Week ONE

Well I'm not the worlds best blogger and it appears I have kind of no totally have set myself up for something that right now I can't envisage ever going to plan BUT I am hoping to blog the 52 weeks of Christmas...yes you read it right it's Jan 1st and already I'm thinking about Christmas.

I'm a big fan of a home made/home baked Christmas and here I fully intend to share with you how you too can achieve a non panic filled but very homemade Chrsitmas.  The key I feel is to plan ahead but allow for last minute changes.

Now whilst you are busy taking down the decorations, finishing off that Christmas cake and wine is what I call my reflective planning time.  I think about what gifts were well received, which ones weren't made in time, what new crafts I have seen throughout the year and wish to turn into presents.  The only problem is where to keep all those ideas and reflections.  Well this is what week one is all about.

Week ONE of the 52 weeks of Christmas 2013

In the run up to or with all your new 'Christmas pressie stash' you can alter/make yourself a Christmas pressie planner.  I bought and decorated a notebook with festive stamps and of course glitter!

Then inside I take one page per 'possible' gift item and make a list of whose going to receive it and the theme I am going to use for their present.  Like this:

Now I don't want to give the impression that I am a perfectionist {well ok ok I have an ocd in perfection} but I mean I'm not going to present anything that isn't too challenging and for some of these gifts I WILL be LEARNING along WITH YOU. It's all about fun, creating something special for special people.

Each week I will bring you something that will either help to decorate your home or tree at Christmas, be the source of fun and enjoyment e.g. advent calenders or little gifts for those extra special people in your lives.  Some items will take more than one week, for this reason I don't expect anyone to complete any never mind all 52 projects that will occur on this blog.  It's not just about sharing these projects but documenting my Christmas crafting progress too.  If and this really is a big IF I remember I will try to state at the top of each little project how long it will take to make.  Any comments that will support me in improving anything I make will be gratefully received I am NOT an expert, I am NOT good at any of the techniques, some of them I have never tried before, it's all about the fun of a new experience and sharing.

All that remains is for me to THANK YOU for reading this, putting up with my hopelessly all year long Christmas mayhem and supporting me.

Wishing you all a very happy, fulfilling and Crafty 2013!


  1. Great blog sall, can you add the following button so I never miss a post xx

  2. Great blog sall, can you add the following button so I never miss a post xx

  3. Thank you so much, for bring the traditions of the past back into the present. I very much look forward to following your blog this year. Keep these coming. (and I really think that you would make an amazing author) xxxx

  4. A great idea for a Blog. I'm a bit of an 'early-bird' as far as Xmas goes & hate a mad-rush towards the end so I will be following this blog with much interest....Mgt.x

  5. Super idea Sall. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with. Suz xx


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