Sunday, 22 December 2013

Old school decorations/Last minute gift

By this time many children will be on school holidays and with the poor weather getting out becomes more difficult for prolonged periods.  This weeks final make is something even the children can participate in.  Its old school angels.  They will hang from your tree or just sit around the room. 

Before I begin to explain the activity I want to just say a few words.  I want to send special thanks to Shelley for bringing such wonderful and interesting projects to the blog along with her exceptional expertise.  I love her non-traditional Christmas projects and will be trying them out next year. 

I also want to thank anyone who has read this blog, I just hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as I have enjoyed attempting to make the things on here.  I have learnt a lot about my crafting since beginning this blog and a lot about myself.  I will at random points try and update this blog next year with new ideas of presents and gifts however, I'm unsure I have 52 NEW projects to share with you and for me crafting is about heart and soul, making something that expresses who you are and if it can be given as a gift for someone, something that has been made with love care and soul especially for that person.    Whenever I post something I will of course let everyone know via facebook and twitter, also those of you who follow me will get notified of a new post. 

Whilst I don’t intend to scale back my crafting I do intend to jump off the bandwagon, no more feeling as though I need the ‘latest’ products, no more trying to keep up with professional and experienced crafters, no more trying to do every technique just laid back crafting for pleasure. 

I do hope I have encouraged you all to try some crafting, and shown that it doesn’t need to be expensive, nor does it need to require a lot of products.  I hope to keep in touch with some amazing friends I have made along the way and those of you who have me on facebook/twitter will always see my random status updates some of which may include craft.

That’s enough of me I’m sure Shelley will pop by and leave you all a farewell message and I hope a link to her blog. 

So onto the final item of this blog.


To make these you will need:

Colouring medium
Double sided tape
Patterned paper
{optional extras, pva glue, glitter}

Cut yourself two circles, one large one small, decorate one as a face and cover the other with paper.  From the large circle cut out a triangle, start small and slowly go larger checking each time by folding the circle into a cone.  Adhere the cone when it’s the right size with double sided tape.

Keep the triangle you have removed and cut another one the same side, make sure it is covered in matching papers.  Adhere using double sided tape the point of the triangle to the back of your cone, these will be the angels wings {alternatively you could stamp/draw a butterfly for a more elegant angel.}.

Using a small piece of double sided tape adhere the face to the front of the cone, then cut small strips of ribbon and if it’s not the same colour both sides use double sided tape to fold it over and stick it to the forehead of the face and down the back of the angels face and cone body.  Make sure you leave a small loop at the top as this will allow you to thread some string or cross stitch silk through to hang your angel on a tree.

Well folks that’s it, a simple fun decoration as the last blog post.  I hope you have a fantastic Christmas and New Year.

Love ‘n’ Hugs

Hi It's Shell here, I would like to also thank you all for coming along and seeing these amazing Christmas makes, Sall has put so much hard work and effort into sharing her fab Christmas ideas week after week and I am very grateful to have been able have been allowed play a small part in that so thank you Sall, Love you loads xxx

 My final piece is a little last minute treat, I have turned a chocolate lolly pop into a cute Christmas treat.
What you will need is some red, white and black cardstock and some glue. I also used a scoreboard and punches but you can make one of these without those.

First you need to get your chocolate to cover. I have used a chocolate lolly from ALDI.
Next you need to get a piece of red cardstock that will fit around the chocolate to make a little box, I have used my scoreboard to score the fold lines on mine, if you are using the same chocolate as me you can click onto the photo to enlarge it to find out the size of the card and where the score lines need to be.

You will need to make another fold at the top and bottom for this I scored at 3/8" 

Once you have your lines you need to cut up them all and remove one of the tabs.

Then add your chocolate to the middle, add glue to the thinnest tab and fold the other over onto it and hold until it is all stuck.

Next you need to fold in the top and bottom tabs and glue into place.

Put your box to one side and get your white cardstock, I have used the decorative label punch from Stampin' Up to make my Santa's beard but you could use another punch, die or handcut it.

Once your beard is cut stick it down to the top of the box.

Next you need to cut out the buttons from some black card stock, I cannot cut out circles and a normal hole punch was too small so I used the window punch to cut my circles cutting once then putting the small piece back in the other way to make the circle (or near enough).

I have added 3 to my box but you can add more or less depending on the size of box. 

To finish this off I used the window punch again to make the band to go across the middle, you can just hand cut this though.

That is all there is to it and It does make for the perfect rescue gift when you need a small something for someone, they also make really cute stocking fillers.

If you would like to follow my other crafting antics please feel free to check out my blogs

Thank you again for taking the time to come and look at this blog.

Merry Christmas to you all!

Shell xxx

Sunday, 15 December 2013

Lemon Curd

I love lemon curd, It’s not as sweet as jam and marmalade.  However it is a last minute make and needs to be kept in the fridge, so if you’re giving this as a present think carefully about who you will give it too as some people don’t like their jams/curds kept in the fridge. 

For this you will need:

4 Lemons {juice and zest}
100g Unsalted Butter cut in cubes
200g caster Sugar
3 large or 4-5 small eggs plus one egg yolk

To make the lemon curd:

Weigh out all your ingredients

Put the butter and lemon juice, zest and sugar in a heat proof bowl

Bring to the boil a pan with a small amount of water then turn the heat right down, to around number 1 {electric} and let the boil drop so it’s just burbling occasionally.

Place the bowl over the pan of water and wait for the butter to melt, stir very occasionally. 

Lightly beat the eggs before adding them to the bowl stirring until well combined. 

Leave the mixture to cook for 10-13 mins although it may take longer, the curd should coat the back of a spoon when it’s cooked.  You may wish to stir once during the cooking time. 

Remove from the heat and leave to cool, remember to stir at regular intervals so it doesn’t fully set.  When cook spoon into sterilised jars {microwave them for 1 min} and seal before storing in the fridge.  You must label the jars before you put them in the fridge.

Sunday, 8 December 2013

Tissue Box

Although I used up all my old stash I did have an initial layout of 50p.  I bought a square tissue box full of tissues from {in my case Morrisons} a supermarket and then covered in 12x12 papers.  This took some doing as I had to use PVA and it meant waiting for one side to dry before folding the paper around to do the other side.  I recommend having a second project on the go as well as this one. 

When doing the top of the box make sure you remove the cardboard where you pull the tissues out {just doing break the clear plastic underneath} and use it to draw around and cut it out so your top piece of paper has a hole to remove the tissues from.  Repeat the process of gluing one side at a time.  Once I had both papers on I added a ribbon border so you couldn’t see where the papers overlapped and then just because I had some candi going unused I added those to the box too.   

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Birthday Book

This is a simple yet very effective present.  Simple choose a cardstock and fold in half.  Make sure you have enough pages so that you have at least one page per month.  Once you have folded the pages, pierce holes with a pokey tool down the centre about half inch apart.  I sewed my pages together using cross stitching silk but you can use cotton thread if you wish. 

I decorated my cover and wrote inside how the book was to be used and then simply wrote the name of each month at the top of the page.  This gift cannot be taken any further unless you wish to put your birthday details in there as the recipient will need to add the birth dates of their friends and family when they get the book.

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Name, initials, xmas words decorartion

I love seeing personalised things around the home and decorating letters for someone in either their name or initials is a wonderful gift.  I’ve done a name “SALL” {yes my own} but only because I couldn’t purchase enough letters for HO HO HO {the local craft store only sells one of each letter and when it’s gone it’s gone till all letters are gone but I did manage to grab a second “L” at a different store, still no O’s though…my quest for HO HO HO continues}.  

It doesn’t matter what you write but remember unless you have an enormous space having all the letters for Merry Christmas or Seasons Greetings can be costly and will take up a fair amount of room, so you may wish to use smaller letters or shorter words such as “Xmas”, “Santa”, “Noel”, “Joy”, “Peace” etc. 

There are many ways for you to decorate letters from paint, distress inks, paper, stamping etc through to one my favourite new techniques…decoupatch. I tore up lots of pieces of the same sheet of decoupatch papers, but you can use paper napkins or tissue paper as a cheaper substitute.  

Then using a mix of pva and water {50/50} I simply glued the papers all over the letters until they were completely covered.  I admit I didn’t decorate the back but you can if you want to.  I’ve used a pokey tool to make holes in the back of the “L’s” for hanging them on the wall, but you could stand them up if you didn’t want to make the holes yourself, or to prevent wall damage when removing Christmas related words.

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Pencil Pot

A pencil pot is a fantastic way to personalise someone’s office or craft space.  Simply save a jar or cardboard pot, I’ve used an old gravy granules pot. 

I’ve used double sided tape as mine is a cardboard pot but pva or glue gun glue works perfectly well on glass jars which make equally good pencil pots and could be decorated using alcohol inks.  Once you’ve taped your pot simply roll the paper around it.  

I was left with a gap so had to measure up a piece to fit the gap but if you had a big enough piece of paper you could pre-cut it to size before gluing it in place.  Once my paper was attached I glued a ribbon around the top edge and my pot is finished and ready for use. 

I like the simplicity of mine, but you can add images or other textures to the pot if you wish.  I haven’t decorated the inside but there is no reason why you couldn’t if you wanted to. 

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Decoupage cards

Decoupage is something I haven’t seen in a long time so maybe it’s time for a revival.  You can buy kits {I know papermania do some} or you can like me make your own.  

I’ve stamped an image multiple times and coloured it, the first one I’ve cut as normal then I’ve cut smaller parts from each image, the snowmans scarf and hat for example and have slowly layered them using a silicon glue so that they are raised.  

This can be done with most stamped images, providing that you have the different parts that can be raised to give a 3d affect.  Once you have decoupaged your stamped image or prebought image you can create your card in the same way you would any other card.